I had a youtube phase. Not much came of it really, and not much of it still exists. I did videos for a little while, some vlogs and some creative content, but most of it was sporadically posted and not very well done. 'Teenage me' had some decent ideas, but much of the execution was way way off.

I've got a behind the camera personality. I like shooting, I like editing, but I feel so derp in front of the lens its not even funny.  The above video is one that came as a result of this. For my Video Production II class in High School, my group wrote up a script for a romantic comedy. When the day of filming came, we couldn't find a female lead. Solution? Borrow an old cheerleader uniform and a wig!  What could have been a terrible romantic comedy turned into a hilarious (or at lease we thought so) comedy in itself.

Youtube's great. That video, uploaded by a friend of mine, was one of my only excursions into that area of the internet. I'd like to get into creative video making again, but I'm not really sure how to go about it. Maybe someday.

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