A Blog Post About My Blog Posts

I’ve made a whopping six posts in my blog so far. I am one behind where I’d like to be, having not made my post about the blogging chapter of the text book.  I’ve been trying to get a text post up once a week, followed by a link to an interesting or relating topic.
I’ve been running on the topic of English for New Media and related things. I’ve written chapters on Facebook and my electronic addictions, and I’ve posted links about Facebook Privacy and about anonymity / lying on the internet. I’ve tagged my posts for what they involve; facebook, english for new media, DSU, new new media and etc.
I’ve only posted two links so far. The first was about Facebook and their new Graph Search. We were talking about facebook in class so I felt it was relevant. The second link I posted was about someone who claimed to work with Microsoft, then sent out an annymous email claiming to be leaking information. Several major technology websites didn’t source check and used the false information. Interesting read.
I started out with one template (link to the creator is at the bottom of the page) but its become more than that. I’ve darkened the background, changed the color of nearly every font, edited the HTML to make the headings for posts come out in capitalization.  I like to tweak templates.
No comments yet, but comments on tumblr are done differently than comments on other sites. Tumblr comments are through reblogs or asks, neither of which I have gotten. Asks can be anonymous.
I just installed Google Analytics to my page about a minute ago. I had no idea that Tumblr had tracking potentional or that Google Analytics could track any website. Neat! We’ll see how this goes and I’ll report on it at a later date.


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